Magician Robertino

STROE ROBERT – born in Bucharest


Professional Artist – Certified by the Ministry of Culture in the Circus - Illusion field since 1994.
Robertino the Magician is one of the most experienced artists in the field, who performed for ten years around the world, fascinating a public of all ages and different nationalities.
He comes back in the country in 2007 to start the Show Company Bagheta Magica (Magic Wand) by promoting magic shows for the local public.

He makes and presents unique magic show concepts: Black & White * Magic, Mistery & Illusions * The Magic of Orient * Dove Act * Cabaret Magic * Circus Show
Magic Shows for children: Lumea Magica a Florilor (The Magical World of Flowers)* Sim Sala Din Show * Misterele Piratilor (The Pirates’ Mystery)* Bagheta Magica (The Magic Wand).

In 2010, together with his partner, Bubble Artist Claudia Stroe, they bring a new show concept in the industry, a show that combines art, science and entertainment in three bubble soap super productions – Magic Bubble Show by Claudia Stroe * B WOW * Adventures in Bubbleland .

Robertino the Magician is an artist that handles many sides of magic: General Magic (Stage Magic), Close-up Magic, Mentalism, Kids Magic.

Call Robertino the Magician right now for the most interactive, spectacular and fascinating magic show!!!