MAGIC SHOW - Robertino


Special magic moments carefully directed and presented by Robertino the Magician.
Incredible dove apparition tricks, productions, transformations, levitation, predictions, escape tricks and humorous magic tricks combined with music and the magician’s classical elegance will create the most special magic show for a memorable event.

The most spectacular artistic moment for a stylish event!


The magic show recommended for a smaller audience group, where Robertino the Magician will fascinate your guests using playing cards, coins and other small objects. With an all so familiar deck of cards the magician will surprise the public with carefully selected tricks done in many shows. The Magic will take place right in front of you or among the guests.

Entertain your guests with a special moment of close-up magic presented by Robertino the Magician!


AThe ability to read the minds of the public is just the beginning of a fascinating show where the artist doesn’t pretend he has paranormal powers but, with the help of manipulation, suggestion and diverting attention techniques, he manages to create devastating effects for any open mind.

More than a show, 100% interactive!


A novel show allowing the direct participation of the public, where the little ones will be pleasantly surprised and fascinated by the dove apparitions. Using apparition effects – vanishing, transformations, productions and humorous magic tricks, the magician manages to bring a smile to children of all ages.

Call the best Magician for Children Parties now!